Friday, January 05, 2007

Back On It.

There’s only one thing you should do when the moon is as big and bright as it was last night. Visit as many bars as you can, get hammered, seduce some poor unfortunate with your mind blowing dance moves, then whisk her away to deserted beaches and spend the rest of the night with nothing but the stars for cover. Unfortunately the generous measures of rum during the ‘getting hammered’ stage mean you rarely make it any further. At this juncture you’re far more likely to end up staggering to Rasta Shack and passing out till dawn. Welcome back to Antigua.

After arriving here last March I managed o find myself a job on a Ketch called ‘Constance’ a 95ft Van Dam Nordia. (Basically a big sailing boat with two masts) So one week after arriving in Antigua I was sailing back to Palma in Mallorca. I spent the next 7 months working on her, where we spent most of the time in Mallorca with a cruise around the Greek island. It wasn’t always easy, but the owner and his family were always a pleasure to have on board, which is rare in this industry. I flew back to England in October 06 were I spent two weeks down in Warsash, a marine college near Portsmouth, learning how to sew people back together when they fall apart and deliver babies. I was putting this knowledge to good use about 2 months later when I had my brush with death for 2006. After a heavy night at Abras my ankle blew up like a football, it turned out I had Acute Cellulitis, and if I didn’t take heavy, super, bad arse drugs 50 times a day for a year I’d die from blood poisoning. The doctor later confessed she’d thought the drugs probably wouldn’t work and I’d at least have to go to hospital.
She also added it was amazing what they could do with prosthetic limbs nowadays, don't know what she was getting at there. However thanks to my advanced immune system I was able to walk again after a couple if days, and two weeks later I was off the drugs in time for Mr Phips’ arrival.

On October the 25th I finally flew back into Antigua were I patched up Magic Roundabout, threw her back in the water and put the mast back in.
Luke joined me on the 15th of November and swiftly amazed me with his record attempt on ‘The Most Times Passed Out In One Night’ Although more recently he has moved on from the ‘getting hammered’ stage to pumping out some truly masterful moves on the dance floor. It’s only a matter of time before the Flying Lunge or the Sprinkler attracts someone who isn’t a man. While the beach will be richer, Rasta shack will have lost a valued patron. Alice joined us on the 26th of November and continues to satisfy all with her ability to make tea and sandwiches under almost any circumstances. Scotty, with Jeff and Ebony, have been a bad influence on the crew of Magic Roundabout but we feel richer for the experience… possibly…